Creating My Page

  • Create your account by clicking, " Registration of basic information (acquisition of ID / password) 基本情報登録(ID・パスワードの取得)" and fill out the form. If you already have My Page, please proceed to STEP.2.
  • A provisional registration 「仮登録のお知らせ」notification, will be sent to your e-mail.
    Please access the provided link in the e-mail and click " Confirm " within 24 hours after your provisional registration.
  • Notifications and the examination result will be sent to the registered e-mail.

Login to My Page

  • Log in to My Page with the ID and password.
  • Confirm your information by opening the " Confirm and Change「登録内容の確認・変更」" from My Page.

Fill out the application form and submit the required documents.

  • After logging in to your account, click the red button:「応募はこちら」under the " Information " tab and select the program, " Research Grant ",
    " Step-up Research Grant ", or " Overseas Study Grant ".
    Or, you can also select the program by opening the " Submit Application「各種助成申請受付」" tab.
  • Fill out the " Application Form「助成申請受付フォーム」", download the text format, and prepare the application documents.

Submit documents

  • Click " Confirm「申請する」" after filling out all the forms and uploading the required documents, then complete the submission.